Golden Gangster Gun…

Tongue twister of the day. Well it might not be a cartel gun. A 1911 engraved and gold plated. The dollar sign grips are nice touch for the whole excessive look. Too flashy and gaudy for my liking, I’m happy with flat matte black, gray or silver.

Custom Desert Eagle 50 AE

An interesting play on the duo-tone finish, the black and gold color scheme is not a factory option. Most likely a gunsmith or refinishing specialist’s handiwork. Pretty to look at but not really practical to use. You may spend $800 or $1,000+ refinishing your handgun but glossy finishes wear faster and show every single scratch.

Desert Eagle
A 50 AE with the older model proprietary laser. I think those were made in the late 80’s up to the early 90’s. A new company makes a very similar model to that one and it’s still in production last I saw. Would be nice if Crimson Trace made a grip with laser for the Desert Eagle though.

Custom STI Longslide 
A 1911 in .38 Super, built to a customer’s specs by Carniak Custom. Very odd that it doesn’t have a rear sight but the Carniak Custom’s description states the customer is a shotgun shooter and wanted no rear sights. I suppose if you’re accustom to just a front sight after decades of shotgun shooting, a 1911 with only a front sight shouldn’t be a problem. Adding the shops link if anyone is curious or looking for 1911 work to be done.

Custom PT1911 AR
The AR models designate the accessory rail on the frame. Supposedly the rail on these is bigger than other 1911 variants which makes finding a good holster a little more difficult. Note the aftermarket custom grips. Could be ivory, could be plain bone, or plastics. Either way it looks okay on a stainless steel version.

Desert Eagle .50 AE
The newer model Desert Eagle’s have a MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) rail. I think the redesign was done after Magnum Research was purchased by Kahr Arms. There seems to be a mix of Israeli built models and U.S built models. My older Desert Eagle XIX .357 is made in Israel.


Gold UZI Pistol… (It almost looks like a toy but this is a Limited Edition, 1 of 100, gold-plated UZI pistol. The 20 round magazine almost sits flush with the pistol grip but since UZI magazines are interchangeable between full size and pistols, it will accept the 32 rounders as well. Not sure what the occasion was for to create 100 of these but more for collecting and displaying than actual shooting.)


H&K USP 45 (A standard USP next to one with custom polished slide. H&K released some limited edition USP’s with different colored polymer lowers. There are also the stainless steel slide models. Still one of my favorite handguns.)


Glock Trio… (A 21, 17 and 26…which is a 45 ACP, and two 9mm. The 26 is the compact version. I actually almost bought one today when I went to my dealer to pick up my revolver. But I had to remind myself not to buy anything for a while.)


Custom Smith & Wesson 1911 (Back view…I had read that this pistol cost $10,000 but I have no verification on that, just what I saw. Engraving can be costly, especially with gold inlays involved.)


Gold Glock? (As tacky as it may be to some, I’m kind of fond of two-tone guns like this for collecting. I’ve voiced my opinion on gold finishes before on other posts but to reiterate, the gold finish tends to wear off the more you handle it. Well all finishes wear off but the gold ones especially unless taken care well.)


Beretta 87 Target (I noticed some comments regarding the price of that little S&W 17-3 being too high for a .22 LR. A lot of that price tag comes from the brand name. Posted this Beretta before but its also a .22 LR plinker though with a high price as well. Usually $700-$900.)

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